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As a wife, mother to a 6 year old daughter & career woman, my life is very busy with juggling both my personal and professional obligations. Given these roles, I'm viewed as the "caretaker" both at home and at the office. Because I'm always placing myself last in my priorities, the unfortunate end result is now reflected with my weight. I'll spend time on preparing a healthy dinner for my daughter with plenty of veggies or thinking through healthy choices for executive lunches, however gobble down three slices of old pizza from last Saturday night.

Seeing the increasing number on the scale has definitely added more emotional stress to an already tough end to 2015. My husband and I lost our second pregnancy this past September. I know I've been using food to comfort myself in the grieving & healing process. Coupled with adding in holiday indulgences, this is all been a recipe for disaster! I need to slam on the brakes NOW otherwise the road back to health is truly going to be a very long one. Quite a change from the woman who once competed successfully in beauty pageants modeling bikinis on stage in four inch heels!

With the start of the new year, my goal is to recognize that it's ok to put myself first and not feel guilty about it - to face reality with my weight and be gentle with myself. I also want to use this program to view food as "fuel" & a means to good health - not use it as comfort and to find other ways to relieve stress and deal with grief rather than reaching for a dozen cookies.

My husband and my daughter are my greatest cheerleaders! I'm determined in 2016 to achieve a healthier weight so we can continue a long and healthy life together as a family. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to starting the Seattle Sutton program on Monday, January 11th!

-12 lbs / -4.96%
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