Last but not least!

Last but not least!

After many years and tears of trying to lose a significant amount of weight – the Seattle Sutton program is the one program that has FINALLY helped me to put a dent in my weight loss goal! Even though I won’t win the challenge I am incredibly happy and proud of myself. To lose approximately 30 pounds in 16 weeks is incredible! There have been some bumps along the way – but it’s a part of the journey – and I’m learning to be more forgiving and accepting of myself in the process. The most important things I’ve learned about health and wellness thus far:
1. Portion control
2. Minimal/no salt
3. Minimal/no sugar
4. White meat/fish is best
5. Balance the food groups
6. Drink LOTS of water
7. Get plenty of rest
8. Exercise is still important!
9. Have a strong support system
10. Find ways to keep yourself accountable
11. Set SMART goals
12. Reward yourself!

Thank you coaches, thank you Seattle Sutton, thank you Mary Lee & Marilee at the Roseville pickup location….and…thank you challengers – it has been fun to read your posts and get motivation and tips from you!

Continuing to enjoy the journey…..


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