All Good Things Must…

All Good Things Must…


Hello 2016 Slim Down Challengers.

Congratulations on completing the Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Slim Down Challenge!  You chose to do something healthy for YOU, you fought through challenges and obstacles, and you persevered through it all.  That, my friends, is huge victory in and of itself.

The Challenge may be wrapping up today, BUT this is not the end of your wellness journey. You have taken a huge step towards a healthier and brighter future by investing in your health.  You’ve created healthy habits for yourself that have by now, become your new normal.  You’ve noticed amazing changes in yourself, both physically and emotionally.  It’s so important to consciously take note and remember how these things feel.  Make note of how you felt each time something positive happened (e.g. you realized you were climbing that flight of stairs with ease;  you got a compliment from a friend or family member on how great you look; you got amazing results at your final health screening;  you had to put a new notch in your belt or buy smaller clothing; you felt great while running around at the playground with your kids/grandkids, which you didn’t used to be able to do, etc).  All of these small milestones each and every week are what helped fuel you to keep focused and committed to your journey.  And, they’re what will help you to continue…so that your “new normal” stays intact for life.  Your journey isn’t over.  And, it won’t be over when you reach your goal weight.  Your journey….all of our journeys… are lifelong.  Continuing to set goals for yourself regularly, no matter how small, are what will allow you to keep this journey moving forward.  Life is too short to go backwards or sideways!

Our goal in hosting this Challenge was to positively impact a large number of lives by giving YOU the tools to improve your health.  And you’ve done just that!   We truly hope that what you learned during this Challenge, about yourself, about healthy eating, about discipline, motivation, etc, are things you’ll be able to take with you for life.

We’re tallying your final weights and analyzing results from your final health screenings, and are so thrilled to see so many positive changes!   Final results will be posted on the leaderboard on this site on the evening of May 6, 2016, following the live announcement of the grand prize winners on Twin Cities Live between 3pm and 4pm that day.

We’re thrilled to have been a part of this “leg” of your wellness journey, and wish you all the very best of health in the future!