Coach T’s Final Words of Wisdom

Cholesterol improvements

I just compared my before and after and found I lowered my Total Cholesterol by 31 points and my LDL by 26 points and improved greatly on everything else. Proof that healthier eating really does make a big difference!

Test results are in

My cholesterol was much lower this time around than it was 16 weeks ago – yay! Another tangible result of hard work paying off!

Thank you

My second challenge is over and I couldn’t be happier. Seattle Sutton has helped me lose 97 pounds in 16 months. I have dieted for over 40 years and never had this kind of success. I’m not done – not… Continue reading

All Good Things Must…


Hello 2016 Slim Down Challengers.

Congratulations on completing the Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Slim Down Challenge!  You chose to do something healthy for YOU, you fought through challenges and obstacles, and you persevered through it all.  … Continue reading

My final day!

Hello everyone! Here’s hoping everyone had a successful journey on the challenge that left them energized and more healthy! Although my weight is coming off slowly, the one thing that I’m proud of myself the most is staying true to… Continue reading

Coach T Final Week!

Lab results

I’m anxious to see my before/after lab results. I “feel” healthier – more energy, better sleep, etc. I feel less greasy and more “clean” – if that’s a real feeling (maybe that’s all just in my head?). My skin is… Continue reading

One more day…

The end of the challenge is near. And both Pete and I are so happy with the results thus far. We plan to stay on Seattle Sutton to continue working on the weight loss. As long as it’s working, why… Continue reading

Very impressive numbers

I was just looking at the total number of pounds lost from this group and can’t help but be impressed. It will be fun to see final number. Great job everyone!

Medication changes

I’ve had to adjust a few medications for my thyroid disorder and anxiety. My hypothyroidism makes weight loss a little more challenging – and – of course – my other medications cite weight gain as a possible side effect. Aaaackkk!… Continue reading

Early morning

Normally I am an early morning work-out kind of person. Lately though, I have been SO TIRED – in the morning and in the afternoon when work is finished. I’ve pushed through though – I’m still getting a workout in… Continue reading

Stress Busters

Go for a walk, call a friend, read a book. Do whatever makes you happy!


I have a lot going on at work – and – I’m wrapping things up for my Masters degree – so I am stressed out! I’m trying to use exercise as an outlet for stress but I must admit –… Continue reading

Last week!

Wow! Hard to believe that this is the final week of the challenge! I am all set for my lab tests on Thursday morning and am genuinely curious to see (hopefully) the difference in my numbers. SS has become so… Continue reading

Coach T Week 16 Final Push!

SS referrals

So many people are asking what Pete and I are doing to lose weight. They’ve been very impressed with our results, and we have referred them all to Seattle Sutton. This has turned out to be such an easy plan… Continue reading

Gained 2

I’m afraid my cravings have gotten the better of me – I stepped on the scale this morning and to my horror (but not surprise) I had gained two pounds. I’ve been munching on more snacks lately. Peanut butter, bread,… Continue reading


I’m not sure if it’s my increase in exercise, or stress, or the change in seasons, but I am craving breads and fruits so much lately! It has been really hard to limit these sugars and carbs. I have snuck… Continue reading

Coach T Week 15

My spring break

My spring break was a good chance for me to exercise my will power. Normally when I have extra down time I tend to eat more and do less. This time around I created a specific, active schedule. I also… Continue reading

Angel food Cake

It was a struggle but I did not eat my Angel Food cake at lunch. Instead I just poured a cup of coffee and dove into my cake during afternoon break. Such a wonderful treat! It’s like cheating without any… Continue reading

Como Zoo

I enjoyed a lovely day with my youngest daughter today at Como Zoo. We walked around for quite a while checking out all of the animals. It was a great way to get active and have some bonding time with… Continue reading

Going rogue

I met my husband for lunch today – at a pizza buffet of all places! I had two regular slices of thin crust pizza and was surprisingly very full when done. In the past I would’ve eaten very fast and… Continue reading

Weigh in blues….

Weigh in yesterday wasn’t what I wanted, however I know my husband’s birthday and Easter celebrations had something to do with that :P…so….in the last few weeks, it’s full steam ahead with staying dedicated and consistent with my SS plan… Continue reading

Feeling Stong

It’s cold and raining but my walking buddy and I braved the weather and did our 30 min walk. Not letting the weather keep me from achieving a goal is very empowering. I feel I can do anything!

Fit Bit

I’ve been wearing my Fit Bit more lately and although I know I’m getting in well over 10,000 steps a day it is still a good reminder for me to stay as active and moving as possible. Before wearing my… Continue reading

Coach T Week 14 Cravings

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Hello Challengers

Can you believe there are only 3 weeks left of the 2016 Slim Down Challenge? Wow! Don’t forget to schedule your second (free) required health screening BEFORE April 25.  Please contact our partner, Any Lab Test… Continue reading

Parked further away

Today I selected a parking spot that was further away, so I could get more steps in!

New music

I’m trying to get out of my funk and am searching for all the possible tricks I can to turn things around. As I was running today I noticed that my music was good – but getting to be a… Continue reading

My back

I don’t want to make excuses but, my back still isn’t quite right since jumping on the trampoline last Saturday. It’s definitely better than it was but I still have those times throughout the day (bending over, or twisting a… Continue reading

30 pounds

I’m so excited – 30 pounds off so far this year. I lost 60 pounds in the 2015 challenge and now 30 pounds in 2016 – that means that Seattle Sutton has helped me lose 90 pounds in 15 months.… Continue reading

Sick :(

Bah! Get ready….yep…I’m going to whine that I’m sick! Honestly, feeling this way hasn’t really made me want to eat much. Glad I have my SS meals that are healthy to hopefully boost my immune system and fight off this… Continue reading


New kicks

My running shoes are getting worn out and it’s definitely time for me to purchase some new shoes. I want to find a shoe that is obviously comfortable, breathable, and sturdy. I also want a shoe that will be supportive… Continue reading

1 lb

Disappointed on Monday, missed my weigh-in goal by 1 lb. Hoping I don’t get discouraged from this.

Cake problems….

Hello everyone….here’s my ridiculous first world problem….my husband turned 50 last Friday, so in order to celebrate the occasion, I completely splurged on a $100.00 custom made cake (turned out beautiful by the way…..). I know I didn’t have to… Continue reading

Thank you!

I want to acknowledge that even though I have been the person eating the food and exercising, there have been several people who have made my success possible. Specifically, A.S. who holds me accountable for my daily walk on the… Continue reading

Learn to Earn

Staying positive

Memory can be a wicked thing. I remember the challenge being so much easier last year. It seemed like the weight just fell off. Not true. I was totally committed and really worked at it. This year I have been… Continue reading

Easter food hangover….. I am again….yep…admitting that I totally fell off of the SS wagon again yesterday with the Easter holiday. One thing I learned yesterday is that even though I ate anything and everything I wanted, my propensity to completely gorge… Continue reading

Final stretch

Hello all,
So I’ve been really bad about posting on here. Party because when I think of it I use up my time reading a lot of your posts.
I’m really glad I’ve been doing this challenge. The first month… Continue reading


I started to keep a more detailed journal about my weight-loss journey. It has been extremely helpful during “difficult” times as it makes me stop, breath, and be mindful. Taking this moment to think and reflect allows me the space… Continue reading

Get Outside and Play!

Hello Challengers,

Spring is officially here! We’ve seen some nicer days between all the snow flurries and rain showers, but the warm weather is coming. It’s a perfect time to plan some outdoor activities.

Did you know that simply taking… Continue reading

Easter Brunch

Taking my SS meal to Easter brunch was so easy. I had my delicious European-Style Lunch and I totally enjoyed it. I thought I was going to miss the ham and cheesy potatoes but by the time the meal was… Continue reading

increase exercise, increase appetite

I’ve increased my exercise and now my appetite has increased. I know this is normal but it’s hard to feel like I’m staying on track with my meals – when I’m snacking (on the good stuff) throughout the day.


Today I thought I’d join my son and his friend on the trampolines at Sky Zone instead of watching from the sidelines. It was fun, but unfortunately I think I did something more to my back than exercise it. Biofreeze… Continue reading


Heat has definitely been helping my sore legs. A hot bath and a heating pad have taken my legs from not walking at all yesterday to moderate walking today. I’m sure water and Tylenol have been helping too. I walked… Continue reading

Chew, Chew, Chew

I am one that eats fast. I have to make an effort to slow down and chew my food more. It is hard to do, especially at dinner.

Sore muscles!

I am super sore from a cross-training workout that I did on Tuesday – so sore that I can hardly even walk! I shuffled along slowly on my “jog” yesterday to stay on track but I think I might have… Continue reading

Remember to breath

I am taking some deep breathes write now as I am typing. It is so easy to forget this, especially when we get stressed.

Fell off the wagon….

Well…it finally happened & I’ll own up to it…….I completely fell off the SS wagon today and was lured by the Thai chicken wrap and homemade potato chips being served in our employee cafeteria. I’m not going to lie…it tasted… Continue reading

Forgot to eat

I forgot to eat breakfast – that NEVER happens. We walked early today to beat the forecasted snow and I got back to my desk and thought hmmmm – I’m hungry. Well of course I was hungry – I was… Continue reading

Another crazy idea

Well – a 7K is just not enough for me anymore. I’m officially an addicted runner (slower than a turtle jogger). I’m going to start training for a full marathon – maybe I’ll even sign up for the TC marathon… Continue reading

Walking tonight and drinking water

I am committed to walking tonight and I have to make sure I get my water in as well. Have a nice night!

Defense, Defense…

About two hours ago I had the SSHE “Southwest Chopped Salad” for lunch – which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way, and I am on track with drinking my daily intake of one gallon of water. The water usually works… Continue reading

2 miles!

Yesterday my husband, daughter and myself took a nice walk. He set his iwatch and we tracked a little over 2 miles – hooray! I just kept thinking of the 16 pounds that I’ve lost and trying to carry that… Continue reading


I have anxiety about Easter and family get-togethers coming up. I’m nervous that I will cave to temptation. I’m nervous that it’s the day before a weigh in day (Monday is a weigh in day right?). I’m just going to… Continue reading

Yes, I have…

Although I don’t see a dramatic difference when I look at myself, I know I must look different to others. I have gotten used to saying, “Yes, I have. Thank you for noticing!” and I love it!! 🙂

Thanks for the Holiday Tips

I agree if you don’t love it, don’t eat it! You should enjoy every bite of the food.

Successful weekend

What could’ve been a disastrous weekend turned out to be quite successful! I worried about having a lot of unstructured time – I tend to mindlessly munch and lay around watching TV more than I should. Instead, I went into… Continue reading

March Madness

I’m a March Madness fan and cringed to miss out on the beer, chips, dip, etc. that goes along with watching the games. I suffered through it (with my water) but it was tough. Feeling good though that I made… Continue reading


Yesterday I fell back to my old ways…lounging and watching TV until I fell asleep on the couch (not to mention the bag of popcorn I ate), and today I feel so disappointed in myself. I can try to tell… Continue reading

Cardio Workouts

I am hoping to get some cardio workouts this weekend, to get my heart rate going.

Friday Fun Day!

Alrighty…..silly to admit, but I’m anxious about going out to lunch and a movie with my daughter, a friend and her daughter today! Why? Because it involves going out to lunch and delicious movie popcorn!!!!!! So… strategy for today is… Continue reading

Work meetings…..

Why is there always food – mainly bagels and donuts – at work meetings? ugh! They are so hard to resist when you are hungry or stressed! So….always going back to my mantra of “eating like a queen” – I… Continue reading